I ran into a problem today where the RIA I'm building works for all browsers except Safari -- specifically Safari 4, not sure about 3.

The error happens when a certain page loads, and all I'm greeted with in Safar is `SyntaxError: Parser Error`. Nice.

After a little debugging and Googling, I realized that one of the objects I had setup used a property that was a JavaScript reserved word. For whatever reason, SquirrelFish (Safari 4's JS engine) was the only engine to throw this error.

So something like this would work in all browsers except Safari:

// Parse Error in Safari 4 var myObject = { enum: 1, class: 'foobar', faz: 'baz' };

Instead, you need to wrap reserved words around quotation marks.

// Works in Safari 4 now var myObject = { 'enum': 1, 'class': 'foobar', faz: 'baz' };

I'm not sure if SquirrelFish is correct, or the other engines. The inconsistency is a bit annoying though.

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