I’m a big fan of CoffeeScript. It makes working with Backbone.js so much nicer than doing it in VanillaJS.

However, one thing I wish CS had was built in support for mixin declarations. There was some discussion on a closed pull request for adding support for mixins, but no progress was made.

One of the snippets from the pull request gave me an idea for faking mixin support.

The following code will add an include function to the Backbone objects.

include = (mixins...) ->
    throw('include(mixins...) requires at least one mixin') unless mixins and mixins.length > 0

    for mixin in mixins
      for own key, value of mixin
        this::[key] = value

      included = mixin.included
      included.apply(this) if included


  Backbone.Model.include = Backbone.Collection.include = Backbone.View.include = Backbone.Router.include = include

You can now use this to add properties and methods to your classes.

# Define our mixin
Modal =
  open: ->
    # Create the modal and open (e.g. using Bootstrap modal)

  close: ->
    # Close the modal and destroy it

# Define our class that uses the mixin
class WelcomeMessage extends Backbone.View
  @include Modal

# Now we can instantiate the WelcomeMessage and open it as a modal
welcome = new WelcomeMessage({
  el: $('#welcome-message')

# The open() method is from the mixin

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